Complex numbers

This module builds on the ideas covered in FP1.

Complex numbers 1 – Smart Notebook – A bit messy, but a starting point to argand diagrams. Will tidy this up at some point.

Complex numbers 2 – Smart Notebook – A follow on lesson. Leads into a mini-whiteboard activity to be used with this template in a plastic wallet and a dry marker pen.

Complex numbers 1 – Powerpoint – Looks at argand diagrams, writing complex numbers in modulus argument form as well as polar form.

Complex numbers 2 – Powerpoint – Looks at products and quotients in polar form and equating real and imaginary parts.

Complex numbers 3 – Powerpoint – Looks at Loci on Argand diagrams

Complex revision quiz – Powerpoint – To be used with Qwizdom or mini-whitebaords. Covers the whole topic. Here are the answers if needed.

Exam style questions – Powerpoint – Exam style questions on Loci. Not taken from any current papers.

The videos below are by maths247 and examsolutions

Argand diagrams

Circle locus

Perpendicular bisector locus

2nd type of circle locus

Basic arguments

Exam Style question on circle and half line

Exam Style questionmax and min z

Arc of a Circle

Loci (min |z|)

Loci (more arg(z) problems)

Loci (harder exam question)



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