Essential Skills A Star

I will be using these worksheets with my year 11 class over the next few weeks as extra homework tasks. The topics covered focus on the most challenging part of the GCSE course and the 5 worksheets get progressively more difficult. I have ¬†referenced questions, where possible, to the GCSE maths takeaway menu and I […]

Exam paper remix

Remix papers I wrote about how I have been flipping some of my revision lessons last week and said I would post about some other revision ideas, so here it is.. This¬†idea for a revision lesson was given to me a few years ago by a maths adviser who visited our school. I had used […]

Edexcel Warwick 2014

I recently presented for Edexcel on Innovative methods for teaching Further Mathematics. I wanted to ensure everything was accessible to teachers who are new to teaching further maths, so focussed on introducing some topics and ideas. I used a mixture of Autograph and Geogebra to demonstarte how I approach certain topics. I have also created […]