Getting a taste

This post was prompted by a tweet from @rufuswilliam who asked about A-level taster sessions for year 11s in today’s #mathsTLP chat (7pm-8pm every Sunday). For those of you who are unaware, most schools invite their year 11 students back after their GCSE exams for a couple of days to give them a ‘taste’ of A-levels and what […]

Edexcel Warwick 2014

I recently presented for Edexcel on Innovative methods for teaching Further Mathematics. I wanted to ensure everything was accessible to teachers who are new to teaching further maths, so focussed on introducing some topics and ideas. I used a mixture of Autograph and Geogebra to demonstarte how I approach certain topics. I have also created […]

Let’s talk about SET baby!

Last week Peterborough had its first Maths Jam. Amongst all of the maths puzzles being thrown about, a few of us settled down to exercise our minds by playing a nice game of SET cubed. Those of you who are new to SET, it’s a game of connections. There are many variations to the game, […]