For a while now, I have been using this fantastic fruit machine from classtools as a way of rewarding students in lessons (think bingo games or tarsia challenges). I copy and paste a list of rewards and if a student wins one of my challenges, they get a spin on the fruit machine and win a prize. […]

Essential Skills Higher GCSE

I will be giving the following pack of worksheets to my year 11s in the week building up to GCSE exam. The idea is that they do 1 worksheet per day and bring to me to get marked. I will give them lots of feedback on what they need to work on and direct them to […]

Exploring relationships

Having just finished some work with my year 10s on forming and solving equations (see this great resource they made), we have turned our attention to looking at rearranging formulae. As an introduction to this, I have used an idea that I first explored when doing my PGCE all those years ago. The idea is to take a simple […]

GCSE Revision mats

It’s that time of year again where we are in the thick of GCSE revision lessons. Some of this time, quite rightly, should be dedicated to exam paper practice but I find that the repetitiveness of this often leads to stale lessons and it is difficult to monitor how much progress students are actually making. My […]

5 minute Mock Paper Analysis

A very quick one (5 minute blog post?).. Firstly I want to thank @TeacherToolkit for the 5 minute series and @DaK_74 for the  fantastic idea of using it for a test analysis. My fantastic year 11s did a PPE (Pre Public Exam) recently created by PiXL. I wanted a way for them to be able to reflect on […]

Core 1 and 2 Essential skills

Due to popular demand, I have created a set of 5 “Essential Skills” sheets for Core 1. They are aimed at the AQA syllabus but could easily be adapted to suit others. The idea of these is to help students who are currently on D grade or below and to give them regular practice of […]

Show me boards 2.0

Having now entered my 12th year as a maths teacher and witnessed the evolution of the mathematics classroom in that time, I find that my favourite resource is still the show me board (see this Prezi put together by an excellent NQT in our department). I have, in the past, had my own Qwizdom set […]

Maths revision badges

I put these badges together in 2012 for my then year 11 class to help them along with their revision. I gave them out as rewards for those who worked hard or completed a particular task at the end of revision lessons. They went down an absolute storm, with many students vowing to collect the […]

Essential skills

Having had a fair bit of success with our year 11 C/D borderline students in the March exam we are now in a position, like many other schools, where we are able to turn our attention to helping our remaining students get that all important C grade. I have put together a series of 5 […]