Maths Mobile Puzzlers

The nice thing about some of the games available on the app store (or Google Play, if you are that way inclined) is that it gives people an opportunity to develop problem solving and logical thinking skills while having fun. Below is a list of my top n (I may add to it) apps that fall into this category – In no particular order.


For a while now, I have been using this fantastic fruit machine from classtools as a way of rewarding students in lessons (think bingo games or tarsia challenges). I copy and paste a list of rewards and if a student wins one of my challenges, they get a spin on the fruit machine and win a prize. […]

Adding subtracting negative numbers

I have recently had quite a few discussions around the awful misconceptions many students have when dealing with negative numbers (recently discussed by @srcav here). I wince every time I hear “two negatives make a positive” and have, over the years, used various strategies to help my students develop a better understanding of what happens when we […]

Show me boards 2.0

Having now entered my 12th year as a maths teacher and witnessed the evolution of the mathematics classroom in that time, I find that my favourite resource is still the show me board (see this Prezi put together by an excellent NQT in our department). I have, in the past, had my own Qwizdom set […]

Let’s talk about SET baby!

Last week Peterborough had its first Maths Jam. Amongst all of the maths puzzles being thrown about, a few of us settled down to exercise our minds by playing a nice game of SET cubed. Those of you who are new to SET, it’s a game of connections. There are many variations to the game, […]