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Dropbox is brilliant.

If you are new to Dropbox, it is a file sharing site that makes accessing and sharing all your documents and media files a breeze. One of my biggest fears in life used to be losing/forgetting my USB drive (the number of times I turned up to school without all the smartboard files I spent ages preparing the night before..!), but I don’t even bother with those pesky little sticks now as everything I need is stored safely and reliably on Dropbox. Not only can I access my files anywhere, I can edit or send documents to colleagues on the fly using my iPhone/iPad. In fact, most of the files I share on MathedUp! link directly to my Dropbox.  I really like Dropbox.

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Anyway, a few years ago after a really buzzing Peterborough New Maths Teachers (PNMT) network meeting run by Lynne Webb (this was like a TeachMeet, before TeachMeets were invented!), we needed a way to share all the ideas generated in a convenient way. PNMT Dropbox was born! I set up a shared folder structure and over the next few weeks more and more Peterborough maths teachers got involved. We currently have over 70 contributors (teachers with write access) and countless people who access it via the web (read-only access).

We have some rules for our Dropbox.. You won’t find any (or many) worksheets, click through powerpoints or ready to roll lessons. Instead, we have restricted it to resources that have that “X-factor”. That is that they, for one reason or another, have worked well in the classroom and actively engage and challenge students in a way only quality resources do. Please feel free to browse through our huge collection but PLEASE DON’T DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE THING! This is because it gets me a sharing ban due to too much traffic – You can, of course, download whichever files you want. If you would like to join as a contributor, contact me for an invite request. Oh, and if you haven’t done so already, please subscribe below.


Edit: A few tips for getting extra Dropbox storage for free (I have now maxed out at 24GB!)

  • Social Media – Link to Facebook, Follow on Twitter, Tweet about Dropbox and earn 125MB for each action. Click here to earn this. Note: You can revoke access, unfollow and delete tweet immediately and still keep the space. Estimated time: 10 minutes
  • Carousel App – Install the Carousel app on your Android or iOS device, fire it up and verify your email address. You now have an extra 3GB of storage space. Delete the app and keep the space. Happy days. Estimated time: 5 minutes
  • Mailbox App – Download the Mailbox on your Android or iOS device, sign in with your dropbox details. Delete the app. Another 1GB earned for free. Estimated time: 5 minutes
  • Invite friends – You can earn up to 16GB by simply inviting your friends to use Dropbox. 500MB per invite. Estimated time: depends on how many friends you have who don’t use Dropbox already. I suspect not many.

Edit: I have just come across this fantastic bank of resources by @owen134866. Owen has helpfully created an index with hyperlinks too all of his resources. You should definitely check it out!

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    Lynne Webb

    May 16, 2013 at 1:27am

    I love Dropbox. Thanks go to you Mo for sorting this out for us all!!

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