Complex numbers

This module builds on the ideas covered in FP1.

Complex numbers 1 – Smart Notebook – A bit messy, but a starting point to argand diagrams. Will tidy this up at some point.

Complex numbers 2 – Smart Notebook – A follow on lesson. Leads into a mini-whiteboard activity to be used with this template in a plastic wallet and a dry marker pen.

Complex numbers 1 – Powerpoint – Looks at argand diagrams, writing complex numbers in modulus argument form as well as polar form.

Complex numbers 2 – Powerpoint – Looks at products and quotients in polar form and equating real and imaginary parts.

Complex numbers 3 – Powerpoint – Looks at Loci on Argand diagrams

Complex revision quiz – Powerpoint – To be used with Qwizdom or mini-whitebaords. Covers the whole topic. Here are the answers if needed.

Exam style questions – Powerpoint – Exam style questions on Loci. Not taken from any current papers.

The videos below are by maths247 and examsolutions

Argand diagrams


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