This module extends the ideas of the Scalar triple product to look at finding the determinant of 2×2 and 3×3 matrices. It also looks at the rules for manipulating determinants and how these can be used to factorise determinants.

Determinants 1 – Smart notebook – Recap on cross products and then introduces the idea of determinants and their geometrical significance.

Determinants 3×3 – Powerpoint – Demonstrates the algorithm needed for finding the determinat of a 3 by 3 matrix.

Rules for manipulating determinants – Powerpoint – Takes you through each of the rules for manipulating determinants

Factorising determinants – Powerpoint – A challenging example of how a determinant can be written as a product of linear factors. It can be followed by this worksheet and this smartboard file can be used to demonstrate solutions to the class.

Determinant 2×2

Determinant 3×3

Factorising determinants

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