Application of vectors

This AQA Further Pure 4 module extends the vector products can be further extended to look at volumes of 3D shapes. It also looks at the equations of lines and planes, angles between them and shortest distances.

Application of vectors 1 – Smart Notebook – Calculating with vectors to find volumes of shapes. Also looks at coplanarity of vectors.

Application of vectors 2 – Smart Notebook – Finding the equation of a line in 3 different forms. Also looks at direction cosines.

Application of vectors 3 – Smart Notebook – Finding the equations of planes and intersections as well as angles between lines and planes.

Application of vectors 4 – Smart Notebook – Finding shortest distances between a point and a line and between 2 lines.

Vectors hexagon puzzle – PDF – An excellent activity that covers all of the vectors covered in FP4.

Vectors revision notes – Word – An overview of all the vectors covered in FP4 including worked examples.

Lines, intersections and angles poster – PDF – A great poster put together by student Dixie Msapato.

Vector equations of lines (AQA FP4)

Direction cosines (AQA FP4)

Parametric equation of a plane (AQA FP4)

Cartesian equation of a plane (AQA FP4)

Intersection of a line and a plane (AQA FP4)

Intersection of 2 planes (AQA FP4)

Angle between lines and planes (AQA FP4)

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