Solving linear equations

This module looks at how matrices can be used to solve a system of equations and what our solutions tell us geometrically.

Systems of 2 equations – Smart Notebook – Introducing using matrices to solve a system of equations. Use autograph to further develop understanding.

Unique solutions – Powerpoint – Methods of solving a system of 3 equations where there is a unique solution.

Non-unique solutions – Powerpoint – 3 different cases and the geometry of these.

Investigation – Word – An investigation into how three planes can interact with each other.

Linear independence – Smart Notebook – What it means for a set of vectors to be linearly dependent/independent from each other.

Systems of equations revision notes – Word – An overview of the whole topic including worked examples.

Systems of 2 equations

Systems of 3 equations with unique solution using Gaussian elimination method

Linear Independence and Linear Dependence, Ex 1

Linear Independence and Linear Dependence, Ex 2

Determining If a Matrix is Consistent Using a Graphing Calculator


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