MathedUp! update

Since the relaunch of MathedUp!, the majority of the site has been geared towards A-Level Maths and Further Maths. The plan always was to include KS3 and KS4 but other priorities took over etc.

I have now updated the website with over 150 Smart Notebook lesson files contributed by either myself, or the fantastic Nicky Roger who works with me over at Thomas Deacon Academy. There is a mixture of full lessons, part lessons and sequence of lessons. Most are fully polished (particularly Nicky’s) while some are a bit scrappy. The idea is to provide a starting point to help with planning – I don’t expect (or want) people to use the lesson exactly as they are. They should be tailored to meet the needs of your classes.

I have worked on a solution which not only allows me to easily add files, but also make contributions to the site quick and easy. I have used a plugin called Out-Of-The-Box which has allowed me to integrate Dropbox into the website. The beauty of this is that contributions can be made by authorised users directly through MathedUp! (you don’t need to be a Dropbox user to contribute or use) by simply uploading files to the relevant area of the website. If you would like permission to do this, then please register on the site. Credit will obviously be given!

Speaking of credit.. Within some lessons, I may have used ideas I have come across on Twitter, TES or elsewhere. If you come across part of a lesson which you would like credit for, please let me know and I will make sure it is given.

You can browse the lessons by using the “KS3/4” tab above. Please have a look and let me know of any possible improvements.

Edit 1/11/2014: There are now over 250 lesson files thanks to contributions by @andylutwyche and @EJmaths


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